GF-606 GFC Instant Water Heater instant Gas Geyser [1.00 KG Heat Exchanger] with adapter

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Product details of GF-606 GFC Instant Water Heater [1.00 KG Heat Exhanger] with adapter

Endless hot water.
6 Fixtures
High Efficiency Tank less Hot Water Heater – Natural Gas: Indoor Installation.
Quality Control Passed.
Up to 9. 4 GPM hot water flow rate (varies by groundwater temp)
Heat exchange: 1Kg
2 Years warranty
Product size: (w*d*h) 543*310*168mm
Packing Size: (w*d*h) 570*330*19mm
Rated heat power: 12
Gross weight: 6.50 Kg
Net weight: 5.50 Kg Color: Silver.
design. assorted
Endless Hot Water
Put an end to scheduling your hot water need.
Never again choose between taking a piping hot shower, doing a load of laundry or running the dishwasher. A Canon Tankless Water Heater will never run out of hot water and leave you in the cold..
Save Valuable Space
Your hot water heater doesn’t have to be a big!
Compact design allows for installation in non-traditional spaces such as the attic, crawl space or even a closet.
Save 16 sq. foot of space ─ the canon tankless water heater is only the size of a small suitcase
Affordable, Efficient Savings
Efficiency packaged in a compact design means cut CO2 emissions (as compared to tanks), use less energy and conserve water.
Use 80% less energy than traditional tanks* because you heat water only when you need it.
48 Years Of Confidence
Get peace of mind with the unsurpassed quality and innovation of a Canon tankless water heater.
Trust the #1 selling gas tankless water heating brand in Pakistan for all of your water heating needs.
Sustainable Reliability
It’s a smart investment for now and the future when you intertwine sustainability and reliability.
Every part of a Canon Tankless water heater is replicable so components can be easily swapped vs. buying a whole new system.
Average life expectancy is 20 years vs. 8-10 for a traditional tank**
With this premium product, you’ll save–both money and worry–in the

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