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Dawlance: How to Make Your Washing Machine Last a Lifetime?


How to Make Your Washing Machine Last a Lifetime?

Want to prevent your washing machine from breaking down and last a lifetime? We rely a lot on our washing machine because of its necessity. And with regular maintenance of a washing machine you can help reduce breakdowns and water damage which is costly. See what steps you can take..

Replacing the water hose.

Check the hoses regularly for bulging, cracking, fraying, and leaks. Replace the hose whenever a problem is found or at least every three to five years to be more proactive.

Move the machine.

Make sure thatt there is at least four inches between the washing machine and the wall to prevent the hoses from kinking.

Keep the machine level.

When a washing machine is off balance it can vibrate, rock or move across the floor during the spin cycle, this can damage the floor or the machine. Balance the washer by turning the legs clockwise to lower it, and counterclockwise to raise it.

.Clean the lint filter.

Depending on your machine, the location of the lint container may vary. Keep it clean to help your washer run efficiently.

Wash the machine.

Rinse any soap residue and buildup by using store-bought washing machine cleaner, or by running a solution of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda through an empty load.

Prevent musty odors.

Keep the washer lid or door open between loads to dry it out and to keep it smelling fresh. With a front-loading washer, wipe down the rubber seal around the door after doing your laundry load.

Measure your detergent.

Read the instruction manual to make sure you are using the correct type and amount of detergent required by your machine. Excess soap can leave residue on clothes and cause wear and tear on your washer.

Do not overload the machine.

Put an appropriate amount of water for the size of the load. Wash heavy items in a smaller load since these are harder on the appliance.


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